Gender Studies and Body Politics: Intersections, Directions, Representations - Judith Halberstam
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Session 3 from "No Longer in Exile: The Legacy and Future of Gender Studies at the New School" THE NEW SCHOOL | This conference that celebrates the return of a Gender Studies Program to the New School! Inspired by distinguished visitors from all over the world, students and faculty explore this interdisciplinary field's history, its changing boundaries, and its current cutting edge. Judith Jack Halberstam, Professor of English, American Studies and Ethnicity and Gender Studies, University of Southern California. Prof. Halberstam focuses on a range of directions in which Gender Studies has traveled: queer theory, popular culture, visual culture, subā€cultures and the politics of the body. EUGENE LANG COLLEGE THE NEW SCHOOL FOR LIBERAL ARTS | *Location: Theresa Lang Center, 55 West 13th Street.03/27/2010 2:15pm-2:45pm

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