• Liberal Arts: a Self-Designed Program

    The self-designed major in Liberal Arts leads to a BA or BS in Liberal Arts. This major requires completion of a minimum of 13 courses. Students choosing this option must also prepare a path statement.

    The path statement must include:

    1. Preliminary Questions (answering the following questions will clarify the reasons for choosing the Liberal Arts major):

    • What are you interested in studying?
    • What are the intellectual and/or personal reasons for choosing this path of study?
    • Which faculty members are most relevant to your path of study?

    2. Name of proposed path of study

    3. Description

    • A detailed description of the path of study with a rationale, including an explanation of why it can not be accomplished within an existing major

    4. Curriculum: a list of courses that support the path of study.

    • Past Courses: include the subject codes, numbers, titles, instructors, and the semester the course was taken
    • Future Courses: include the subject codes, numbers, titles, instructors, and the semester the course will be taken

    5. Faculty Letter

    • A letter from a Faculty Advisor to the chair of Liberal Arts assessing the proposal's feasibility.

    Students should be aware of the following selection criteria:

    • Is the proposal well constructed? Is the rationale for the major clearly and fully articulated?
    • Feasibility: Are courses available? Are they likely to be available? Are resources such as faculty advising and other institutional support adequate to sustain the project?
    • Assessment of faculty advisor’s letter

    Expectations of students completing the self-designed Liberal Arts major:

    • Students meet with the chair of Liberal Arts at least once each semester. During this meeting, the path statement will be discussed and revised as needed.
    • Students communicate with instructors before a course begins in order to clarify the connections between the course readings and assignments and their path of study.
    • Senior year: Students complete a five-page reflection on path of study (in addition to senior capstone).

    Senior Capstone
    All Liberal Arts students are required to complete an independent senior work project.

    Requirements Worksheet

    Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the chair of the program. Students are encouraged to download the Program Requirement Worksheet for Liberal Arts to track their progress. Students must earn a grade of C or higher in all courses taken in order to meet the requirements for the major in Liberal Arts.