Global Citizen Year

What is the Eugene Lang College/Global Citizen Year fellowship?

For the first time, Eugene Lang College is partnering with Global Citizen Year, an internationally recognized organization that seeks to unleash the potential of the next generation of global leaders. Lang/Global Citizen Year fellows participate in an intensive ten-month "bridge year" of service learning and leadership training in the developing world. While abroad, students receive world-class training and mentoring through individualized apprenticeships with local partners. Coursework complements these practical experiences, enabling students to develop the analytical skills needed to understand and critique complex global issues and to succeed in college. Global Citizen Year fellows will find their studies and future careers enriched by the purpose, perspective, and passion that come from living abroad.

Participants become members of the full Global Citizen Year cohort and take part in all of Global Citizen Year's programming, but they enroll as freshmen at Eugene Lang College. Students receive academic mentoring and writing support from a New York City-based Lang faculty member. They also take Lang seminars online and complete special Eugene Lang College assignments during their time abroad.

Students who successfully complete the program requirements established by Eugene Lang College and Global Citizen Year receive up to 30 credits toward graduation from The New School. This means that when Global Citizen Year fellows arrive on campus as sophomores, they are eligible to waive certain courses required of first year students, putting them on track to graduate in four years.

What is Global Citizen Year?

Global Citizen Year is a nonprofit social enterprise building the next generation of American leaders through an immersive "bridge year" in the developing world. By immersing a diverse corps of fellows in developing countries during a bridge year after high school, Global Citizen prepares them for success in college, careers, and the global economy. The goal is to create a world in which this bridge year becomes a common expectation and opportunity--transforming education and unleashing the potential of the next generation as social innovators and global citizens.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Lang/Global Citizen Year fellowship?

The Lang/Global Citizen Year program is open to students who will be freshmen at Eugene Lang College and who have not yet completed a full-time college semester on campus. Prospective fellows must:

  • Be 18 years old by the program start date (or submit additional parental releases)
  • Have a high school diploma, IB, or GED by the program start date
  • Have not yet completed a full-time semester of college
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident
  • Pass a basic medical screening
  • Provide proof of appropriate insurance
  • Obtain parent or guardian permission for participation, regardless of age
  • Complete applications and gain acceptance into both Eugene Lang College and Global Citizen Year
  • Not be actively enrolled or on deferred enrollment at another college or university
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for rigorous academic study
  • Be capable, self-directed learners

Are there health or medical requirements?

Studying abroad can be physically and mentally challenging. Once accepted, fellows must submit health forms, signed by a physician and/or mental health professional, that completely and accurately represent their current physical and mental health. Students with questions or concerns about their ability to pass a medical screening for physical and mental health should contact

Additionally, all fellows must provide proof of their own primary health insurance. While abroad, students are also covered under Global Citizen Year's comprehensive emergency and evacuation insurance plan, which can be used as both primary and secondary coverage in the event that a fellow does not have adequate primary insurance for these costs. The New School and New York State also require students to submit proof of primary health insurance, and fellows should complete an online waiver of university health insurance charges for the year abroad. Please note, The New School charges students are charged a small Health Services fee, which cannot be waived, but provides supplemental emergency and evacuation insurance.

Is it necessary to defer college to participate in the Lang/Global Citizen Year program?

No. Students must first be accepted to Eugene Lang College before they can participate in the Lang/Global Citizen Year fellowship. Students are enrolled in Eugene Lang College while on the Global Citizen Year and, upon successful completion of the program, can earn up to a year's worth of credit toward graduation from The New School.

Is it possible to be admitted to Eugene Lang College and not be accepted as a
Global Citizen Year fellow?

Yes. Eugene Lang College and Global Citizen Year have separate admission processes, and it is possible to receive an offer of admission to one and not the other.

How do I become eligible to earn credit?

It is possible for a fellow to earn up to 30 seminar and fieldwork/practicum credits from Eugene Lang College while on the Lang/Global Citizen Year program. The online seminar courses are graded A through F, while the fieldwork and practicum credits are graded pass/fail. Credits will be awarded after the following:

  • Successful completion of all Global Citizen Year program requirements, attaining a final average of 3 across all categories on the Global Citizen Year fellow feedback card, and receiving a written evaluation indicating satisfactory performance from Global Citizen Year
  • Successful completion of all Lang-related coursework during the Global Citizen Year, which includes passing grades and a written evaluation indicating satisfactory performance in the online seminars from the Eugene Lang College faculty coordinator

Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts is an accredited institution.

Is it possible to transfer the credits I earn during the Lang/Global Citizen Year
fellowship to another college or university?

Eugene Lang College and Global Citizen Year do not make any guarantees about the transfer of credits to another college or university. If a Lang/Global Citizen Year program participant elects to transfer to another college or university following the fellowship, it is his or her sole responsibility to work with the transfer school to determine whether the credits will be accepted and applied toward graduation.

What is the cost of the program, and am I eligible for financial aid?

Participants in the Lang/Global Citizen Year program are considered fully matriculated New School students, which means the cost of the fellowship is the same as the cost of tuition at Eugene Lang College for that academic year. Lang/Global Citizen Year Fellows will be regarded and registered as fully matriculated Eugene Lang College undergraduates during the Lang/Global Citizen Year program and will maintain their eligibility for scholarships, loans and other financial aid available to all regularly enrolled Eugene Lang College students in accordance with The New School's regulations and policies for off-campus study. All financial aid awarded to Eugene Lang College students will be administered by the Financial Aid Office at The New School.

Students who are eligible for financial aid through Eugene Lang College can use this money to defray the cost of the fellowship. A student's financial aid package will be the same whether he or she spends freshman year abroad or attends classes on campus in New York City.

Tuition from Eugene Lang College covers the important costs of participating in the fellowship including travel, orientation and training, room and board, and faculty instruction and support. However, some supplemental expenses, such as health insurance and vaccinations, are covered by the student.

The additional support and accredited courses from Eugene Lang College providing 30 credits toward the bachelor's degree explain why the cost of tuition for the Lang/Global Citizen Year fellowship differs from the cost of tuition quoted on the Global Citizen Year website.

How do I apply?

To apply to the Lang/Global Citizen Year fellowship, submit one application to Eugene Lang College and another to Global Citizen Year. Admission to the Lang/Global Citizen Year program requires admission to both Eugene Lang College and Global Citizen Year.

To be considered for admission to the Lang/Global Citizen Year fellowship program, students must submit their application to Eugene Lang College by January 6, 2014, and they must also apply separately to Global Citizen Year by the regular deadline on March 13, 2014.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about Eugene Lang College, including questions about financial aid and credit conferral, contact Karen Williams, director of admission, Eugene Lang College at

For more information about Global Citizen Year, contact Conor Farese, recruitment and outreach associate, at or 415.963.9293 x204.

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