First Year Registration

  • Registration Instructions

    To submit your class preferences follow the instructions below. We will register you for courses during the summer. After you have submitted your selection form, you will receive email confirmation through your university email account. Please note that your placement in any particular course is based on space availability, time conflicts, and other variables. Priority will be given to those who submit their preferences by July 2.

    Please submit your course selection forms between June 2 and July 2.
    Review course descriptions
     thoroughly before submitting your choices. Do not choose courses solely on the basis of titles: they do not always completely reflect course content. Be sure to select courses from the approved list. Keep in mind that you may be placed in lower-ranked options, depending on space availability; therefore, be sure to list courses you would be comfortable taking. Do not duplicate selections or leave any blank options.

    Do not attempt to register for courses through MyNewSchool this summer. As an incoming freshman, you can submit class preferences only through this website. If you attempt to register online, you will receive an error message indicating an academic hold on your account, so please return to this website.

    Step 1: Enter the information requested.
    On the Course Selection Form, provide your name, student ID number, telephone number, birth date, and email address.

    Step 2: Indicate your preferences for a First-Year Advising Seminar.
    All advising seminars are included in the drop-down menu; indicate your top six choices in rank order. Do not select a course more than once. Remember to enter all six choices in the boxes provided.

    Step 3: Indicate your preferences for a section of First-Year Writing.
    Follow the procedures described in the previous step.

    Step 4: Indicate your preferences for 1-2 elective courses.
    We recommend that first-year students register for approximately 14-16 total credits per semester, which means one to two elective classes. When listing your elective options, be sure NOT to duplicate selections in the elective 1 and elective 2 lists. Rank elective 1 selections independently from elective 2 selections. It is okay if you decide to take a slightly lighter load in your first semester by only taking one elective. If so, please list your options for elective 1 only. 

    Step 5: Indicate any special interests and submit your preferences.
    In the dialogue box labeled "Comments,"  any special interests or topics that may help us with your registration (e.g., environmental studies, gender studies, history or literature of a particular region). Also use this space to inform us of any special circumstances that may affect your schedule.

    Step 6: Click "Submit."
    Remember to note all the elective courses that interest you. During orientation week, you will have a chance to change your class schedule with an advisor if necessary. If you wish to register in any other division of The New School not listed on the courses page, discuss the request with your advisor during orientation week in August.

    Go to the Course Selection Form.