Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas

 PhD, Education, University of Pennsylvania


Taking an anthropological approach to the study of education, my work is fundamentally grounded in the notion that education is a valuable site for understanding how broader political, social, and cultural processes shape material realities, and the ways in which we come to make meaning of them. My recent research efforts concerned how university life is mediated by U.S. imperialism in the contemporary moment, a question I considered through the lens of transnational educational migration.

I am deeply dedicated to my work as an educator, which I believe to be an enormous privilege and responsibility. I strive to make the classroom a transformative space in which students engage critically with scholarship to raise important intellectual questions regarding the relationship between education and our social worlds.

Courses Taught:
  • Educative Violence and the Politics of Schooling
  • Education, Human Rights, and the Promise of Development

Research Interests:
  • Migration and Transnational Studies
  • International Education
  • South Asian diaspora
  • Post-9/11 security state
  • Neoliberalization of higher education
  • Ethnographic and qualitative inquiry
Professional Affiliations:

Association for Asian American Studies

American Anthropological Association

American Educational Research Association

International Studies Association

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