Scholz, Trebor

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R. Trebor Scholz

Trebor Scholz is a cross-disciplinary writer, artist, educator, and catalyst. As a writer, his work is positioned to study the Internet and its cultural, political, legal, philosophical, and policy-making implications, especially in the areas of digital work, self-organized learning, and global media activism.

Dr. Scholz chaired seven major conferences, including most recently, the MobilityShifts ( and Internet as Playground and Factory ( He is also the founding chair of the Politics of Digital Culture conference series at The New School.

Currently, he is completing a manuscript in which he contextualizes and gives face to emerging digital labor practices and calls for much-needed new concepts and practical alternatives. In 2011, with Laura Y. Liu, he authored From Mobile Playgrounds to Sweatshop City.

Beyond starting up and maintaining the Institute for Distributed Creativity (most notably, its online discussion forum), and being a frequent keynote speaker at venues worldwide, Scholz is also the editor of several collections of essays including Digital Labor: The Internet as Playground and Factory (Routledge, 2013), Learning Through Digital Media (iDC, 2011), with Geert Lovink, The Art of Free Cooperation (Autonomedia, 2007), and, with O. Khan and M. Shepard, the Situated Technologies series of nine books (Architectural League of New York).

Solo exhibitions and collaborative work include PS1/MOMA and the Biennials in Venice and Sao Paolo.
Courses Taught:
• Global Media Activism
• Digital Labor: The Internet as Playground and Factory
• Participation Literacy
• The Social History of New Media
• Introduction to Media Studies
• Introduction to Design Studies

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