Woodly, Deva


Deva Woodly

PhD, Political Science, University of Chicago

MA,Social Science, University of Chicago

BA, Political and Social Thought, University of Virginia



Assistant Professor


I am interested in the ways that political discourse affects the political choices of ordinary citizens, candidates, and mass media as well as the American political landscape as a whole. My work has been particularly focused on ways to conceive of and measure the impact of rhetoric as a legitimate tool in the clockwork of mass democracy, with special interest in persuasive speech as a site of action that has the potential to generate influence and power not only from the top down, but also from the bottom-up. Other research and teaching interests include, but are not limited to critical theory, public opinion, communicative ethics, and social movements.

Courses Taught:

Democratic Faith

Social Movements

Political and Civic Action in the US

Communicating American Public(s)

Recent Publications:

"New Competencies in Democratic Communication? Blogs, agenda setting and political participation" Public Choice (January 2008).

"The Political Efficacy of Black Youth" Black Youth Project, PI: Cathy Cohen, published at http://blackyouthproject.uchicago.edu/ (2006).

Office Location:
New School for Social Research
Department of Political Science
6 E 16th St, 7th Floor, Room 718
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5747 ext. 3134

Fax Number:


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