Vega-Llona, Silvia

Silvia Vega-Llona
PhD, Performance Studies and Anthropology, New York University;
MA, Anthropology, University of California at San Diego;
BA, Clinical Psychology, Pontifical Catholic University of Lima, Peru
Part Time Associate Teaching Professor

My main interests encompass the relation between the cinema, mind, affect and the public sphere. In particular, I examine the potential of documentary film as well as feature films (analogue and digital forms) for fostering a critical engagement with and understanding of the contemporary world, preferably from a global or transnational perspective. This requires an ethnographic and anthropological perspective alongside aesthetic and formal criteria. Specific topics that highlight these issues are global cities and transnational communities in the US and Europe, as well as films that performatively engage with split or conflicted identities and depict the uneven power-relations underpinning intersubjective communications and interpersonal contacts.
Courses Taught:
  • Mind Games and Puzzle Films
  • Transnational Contemporary Cinema¬†
  • Histories of Documentary Film¬†
  • Memory, History, and the Cinema
  • World Cinema
  • Truth and Reconciliation in the Media
  • Women in Latin America
  • Women, War and the Media
  • Genres of Cultural Analysis
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies
Recent Publications:

S. Vega-Llona, Temor y Curacion en la Ciudad Global (Fear and Healing in the Global City). Fondo Editorial del Congreso del Peru. Lima, November 2005

S. Vega-Llona, The Beggar with the Prada Shoes: Stories from the Global Sidewalk (in process)


Research Interests:
Transnational communities in the USA and Northern Europe. Film Festivals. Complex story telling.
Professional Affiliations:
    International School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam. 2003 to 2006.
    FUBIS (Free University of Berlin Summer Program) 2012.

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