Nasar, Audrey

Audrey Nasar
Bachelors in Mathematics, Rutgers College
Masters in Pure Mathematics, Hunter College
PhD in Mathematics Education, Teachers College- Columbia University

Full-Time Faculty

Mathematics has always been a passion of mine, yet I don’t care much for numbers. Surprised? To me it’s about much more than numbers. It’s the excitement of problem solving combined with the beauty of proof.  My main goal in teaching mathematics is to bring some of that beauty into the classroom. Regardless of one’s background in mathematics, I believe it is possible to see what has dazzled mathematicians for centuries.
Courses Taught:
Algebra, Precalculus, Statistics
Recent Publications:
Dissertation: A pre-programming approach to algorithmic thinking in high school mathematics

Research Interests:
Mathematics education, particularly expositions of advanced mathematics at the undergraduate level.
Awards and Honors:
Phi Beta Kappa

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