Moland, Naomi

Naomi Moland

PhD Candidate, International Education, New York University;
MEd, Curriculum and Instruction, Arizona State University, 2003;
BA, Anthropology and African Studies, Tufts University, 2001.


Part Time Lecturer, Education Studies

Throughout my work teaching and conducting research in schools in Phoenix, Spain, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, I have always been fascinated by how pedagogies and curricula reflect each country’s values, histories, and cultures.  I am particularly interested in how education systems teach children about diversity and tolerance—and how understandings of these concepts differ in various contexts.  My work also explores how ideas are exchanged around our increasingly connected world, and how these exchanges can result in complex cultural shifts.  My current research investigates the globalization of children’s media. I recently spent 8 months in Nigeria researching the new Nigerian version of Sesame Street, examining how producers are “localizing” the curriculum and using television as a tool to teach tolerance and national unity. 

I love teaching at The New School; every semester my students and I challenge each other to use education as a lens through which to discuss larger questions of globalization, development, international affairs, and cultural change.

Courses Taught:
  • Education, Globalization, and Social Change
  • Immigration, Education, and the American Dream
  • International Comparative Education
  • Education and Development in Africa
Office Location:
To be determined
Office Hours:
To be determined

Research Interests:
•    Multicultural education in international contexts
•    Globalization and cultural change
•    International educational policy and curriculum transfer
•    Immigrant education
•    Racial/ethnic identity
•    Early childhood and elementary education
•    Children’s educational media
Professional Affiliations:
  • Comparative International Education Society
  •  American Anthropological Association; Council on Anthropology and Education
Recent Presentations/Exhibits:
  • “Protest Music in Africa,” presentation at the Global Protest Movements Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, June 2012.
  •  “Research in Educational Media,” presentation at the Abadina Media Research Center, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, December 2011.
  •  “A Universal Approach to Teaching About Difference?  Sesame Street International,” presentation at Comparative International Education Society (CIES) conference, Montreal, May 2011 [Panel Chair].
  •  “Race and Ethnicity on Children’s Television: Sesame Street International,” Comparative International Education Society’s (CIES) conference, Charleston, NC, March 2009.
  •  “Teaching Tolerance through Television: South Africa’s Takalani Sesame,” presentation at African Studies Working Group conference, Columbia University, New York, February 2009.
  •  “Immigrant Students in Madrid Public Schools,” research from Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, presentation at Comparative International Education Society’s (CIES) conference, Columbia University, New York, March 2008.
Awards and Honors:
  • David L. Boren Fellowship (funding for fieldwork and Yoruba language study in Nigeria),  Institute of International Education, 2011-2012
  • Alternate, Fulbright Fellowship to Nigeria, 2011
  • Council for Media and Culture Grant, New York University, 2009
  • Dean’s Grant for Graduate Research, New York University, 2009
  • Steinhardt Founders Fellowship, New York University, 2007-2010
  • Fulbright Teaching Fellowship, Spain, 2006-2007

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