VanderLippe, John M.

VanderLippe, John

John VanderLippe
  • 1993 PhD in History, University of Texas.
  • 1988 MA in History, University of Texas.
  • 1983 BA in History, with Honors, University of Missouri, Kansas City.
Associate Professor of History

I am a student of modern history—my interests are global, while my specialization is the modern Middle East. My scholarship and teaching focus primarily on the history of the Turkish Republic, and more broadly on the modern Middle East and on relations between the states of the Middle East and the West since World War I. I am particularly concerned with the role of imagery and stereotypes in the making of international relations, and with the role of culture in politics and political discourse, as reflected in the debates among agents of the state, intellectuals and the people over changing terms of legitimization, institutions, sense of belonging and construction of the future.
Courses Taught:
  • GHIS 5178/LHIS 4529, History of Modern Turkey, Spring 2013
  • LHIS 2033, The Middle East: States, People and Power in the Modern Era, Fall 2011
  • GHIS 5129/GPOL 5129 The Middle East and the West, Fall 2009
Recent Publications:

“The Statist Environment: Atatürk Orman Çiftliği and the Kemalist Modernization
    Project,” in Scott Slovic & Ufuk Özdağ, eds. The Future of Ecocriticism: New Horizons, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2011.

“Blasphemy or Critique? Secularists and Islamists in Turkish Cartoon Images,” in
    Christiane Gruber & Sune Haugbølle, eds. Rhetoric of the Image: Visual Culture in Modern Muslim Contexts. Bloomington:     Indiana University Press, 2013 (with Pınar Batur).


Office Location:
80 5th Ave, Room 523
Office Hours:
by appointment
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5700 x3228


Research Interests:
• Modern Middle East history, politics & societies
• Modern Turkish history
• Middle East in Global Affairs

Professional Affiliations:
Middle East Studies Association
Recent Presentations/Exhibits:
“The Life and Times of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk,” Shawangunk Correctional Facility, Gardiner,
NY, May, 2006.

“In or Out of Europe?: Turkey and its Relations with the EU and the US,” Williams College,
April, 2005.

“The Iraq War and the Future of the Middle East,” Center for Lifetime Study, Poughkeepsie, NY, November, 2004.

“The Middle East and the Nuclear Threat,” Lifetime Learning Institute, Bard College, April, 2004.

“Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East,” Center for Lifetime Learning, Poughkeepsie, May, 2003. 

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