Wilson, Jennifer

Wilson, Jennifer

Jennifer Wilson
PhD, Mathematics, Princeton University;
MA, Mathematics, Princeton University;
BA, University of British Columbia
Associate Professor, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

As a practicing mathematician in a Liberal Arts College, I am interested in a broad range of mathematics. My research is focused on mathematics applied to the social sciences, particularly game theory, fair division, voting and allocation problems. I am also interested in the visual tools and metaphors used to convey mathematical meaning and am a member of the Parsons’ based Visualizing Finance Lab which looks at the intersection of narrative visualization, financial literacy and behavioral economics.
Courses Taught:
  • Mathematics of Game Theory
  • Ethno-mathematics
  • Mathematics and Images
  • Infinity
  • Math Tools for the Social and Natural Sciences
  • Elections, Choices and Decisions
Recent Publications:
    “Teaching the Design of Narrative Visualization: Using Metaphor for Financial Literacy and Decision Making,” A. Fry, J. Wilson and C. Overby, DRS//CUMULUS Oslo 2013: Design Learning for Tomorrow, Proceedings from the 2nd International Conference for Design Education Researchers, May 2013.

    “Multilinear Extensions and Values for Multichoice Games,” M.A. Jones and J. Wilson, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 72, p.145-169, 2010.

    “Apportionment in the Democratic Primary Process,” K.A. Geist*, M.A. Jones and J. Wilson. Mathematics Teacher, 104 (3), p. 214-220, 2010.

    “Evaluation of Thresholds for Power Mean-based and Other Divisor Methods of Apportionment,” M.A. Jones and J. Wilson, Math. Soc. Sci. 59, p. 323-348, 2010.

    “Cutoffs and Thresholds in the Democratic Primaries,” M.A. Jones and J. Wilson, UMAP Journal, 31(3), p. 197-214, 2010.
Office Location:
Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts
65 West 11th Street, Room 252
New York, NY  10011
Office Hours:
M 2-4p
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5100 x2242


Research Interests:
Social Choice Theory; Visual Representation of Mathematics.
Professional Affiliations:
  • American Mathematical Society
  • Mathematical Association of America
  • Association for Women in Mathematics
Awards and Honors:
  • 2005 Provost Professional Development Grant

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