Bendiner-Viani, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani
PhD in Environmental Psychology, Graduate Center, CUNYMA in Environmental Psychology, The Graduate Center, CUNYBA in Growth and Structure of Cities, Bryn Mawr College
Visiting Assistant Professor

My work explores place attachment and the experience of everyday life in public, neighborhood and home spaces through photographic, ethnographic, and experiential means. I also work extensively on the experience and history of affordable housing, and have worked on projects in London, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, and New York. My photographic-narrative doctorate in Environmental Psychology addresses the everyday street-life experience of two small neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY, and Oakland, CA. As a photographer, curator, environmental psychologist, and co-director of Buscada Projects, every part of my work is interdisciplinary. I am always thinking about the confluence of the visual, social, and urban. I am particularly interested in bringing this perspective to students, and encouraging students to direct their thinking and their work out into the world.
Courses Taught:
Dwell: Housing and Home in the MetropolisCity Studio: Exhibiting the Small Urban PlaceSights and Spaces: Photographing New YorkVisual UrbanismPublic Space Critical StudiePhotographic New York
Recent Publications:
2007. “Making Housing Home.” Places Journal, 19:2(in press) “Layered City” in Studying the City (eds. P. Halliday & S. Dobson). Palgrave Macmillan.(2005) “Walking, Emotion and Dwelling.” Space and Culture, 8:4(2004) “Guided Tours at Urban Horizons.” Shelterforce, no. 134.Bendiner-Viani, G & S. Low (2003) “Place Identity.” in Encyclopedia of Community  (eds. K. Christensen & D. Levinson) Sage.(2002) “Guided Tour: Villa 31.” DisClosure: A Journal of Social Theory, n.11.(2001) “Photography” & “Soho.” in Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Culture (eds. G. McDonogh, C. Wong, R. Gregg) Routledge.Bendiner-Viani, G & S. Low & Y. Hung. (2004) “Attachments to Liberty: Ethnographic Assessment for the Statue of Liberty National Monument.” National Park Service.

Research Interests:
Urban and Architectural Studies; Photography; Exhibition and Curatorship; Housing in the Metropolis; Urban Visual Culture; Ethnographies of Small Urban Spaces
Professional Affiliations:
Association of American GeographersEnvironmental Design Research AssociationAmerican Anthropological AssociationInternational Visual Sociology Association
Recent Presentations/Exhibits:
AIA Center for Architecture|New York, Making Housing Home, 2007College of Environmental Design Gallery, UC Berkeley, Housing Becomes Home, 2006AIA Center for Architecture|New York, Home in its Setting: Life in UDC Developments, 2005National Arts Club, New York City, Bronx by Design: Guided Tours at Urban Horizons, 2004The Graduate Center, CUNY, Politics of Public Space Conference, Parque Lezama, 2002Culpeper Gallery, Abrons Art Center, New York City, Guided tour:E1, 2001Bryn Mawr College, Guided Tour in the Balcony, 1998

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