Nell, Edward


Edward Nell
BLitt 1962, Oxford University.
Malcolm B. Smith Professor of Economics.

Concentrations: Macroeconomic theory and policy; methodology; growth theory; business cycles; inflation and unemployment.
Recent Publications:
The State, the Market, and the Euro (coauthor, forthcoming); Reinventing Functional Finance (coauthor, forthcoming); The General Theory of Transformational Growth (1998); Money in Motion (1996); Transformational Growth and Effective Demand (1992); Prosperity and Public Spending (1988); Keynes After Sraffa: Free Market Conservatism (1984); Growth, Profits, and Property (1980); Historia y teoría economíca (editor, 1980); Rational Economic Man (coauthor, 1975).
Office Hours:
On leave Spring 2014.  Office hours by confirmed appointment only, via email to
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5717, ext. 3047

Fax Number:
212 229-5724


Research Interests:
Transformational growth; prices, wages, productivity, and investment; theory of money and effective demand; capitalism and socialism.

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