Todman, McWelling


McWelling Todman
PhD 1986, New School for Social Research
Associate Professor of Clinical Practice and Director of the Concentration in Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Concentrations: Psychopathology; biosocial and cognitive theories of addiction.

McWelling Todman discusses teaching and learning at Lang in a project made possible with a grant from Bringing Theory to Practice.   
Recent Publications:

Krotava I., & Todman, M. (2014). Boredom Severity, Depression and Alcohol Consumption in Belarus Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Science, 2 (1), 2014

Todman, M. (2013). The dimensions of state boredom: Frequency, duration, unpleasantness, consequences and causal attributions. Educational Research International, 1, (1), 32-40

Todman, M. (2009). Self-Regulation and Social Competence: Psychological Studies in Identity, Achievement and Work-Family Dynamics. Athens: ATNIER Press

Rajaratnam, R., Sivesind, D., Todman, M.., Roane, D., Seewald, R. (2009). The Aging Methadone Paient: Treatment Adjustment, Long-Term Success and Quality of Life. Journal of Opioid Management, 5 (1), 27-37

Lehr, E & Todman, M. (2009). Boredom and Boredom Proneness in  Children: Implications for Academic and Social Adjustment. In M.Todman (Ed.) Self-Regulation and Social Competence: Psychological Studies in Identity, Achievement and Work-Family Dynamics.(pp. 79-90). Athens: ATNIER Press

Todman, M. et al. (2008). Boredom in Schizoaffective Disorder and other Psychotic Conditions. In K. Yip (Ed.) Schizoaffective Disordesr: International Perspectives on Understanding, Intervention and Rehabilitation. New York: Nova Science Publications 

Todman, M. (2007). Psychopathology and Boredom: A Neglected Association. In K.A. Fanti(Ed.)Psychological Science: Research, Theory and Future Directions  Athens: ATINER press.

Antonius, D, Brown, A., Todman, M., & Safran, J. (2007).  Integrating Science in Applied Psychology programs: A Student-Generated Journal. Teaching Psychology, 34(1), 31-34.

Todman, M. (2006) . Self Monitoring , Self Assessment and Discrepancies with Observer Ratings in Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder:  A Strategy for Negotiating Change in Symptom Unawareness.  In William H. Murray (Ed.). Schizoaffective Disorder: New Research (pp. 1-34). New York: Nova Science Publications

Sabrese, J & Todman, M. (2004). Intellectual Disabilities, Residential Care and Expressed Emotion: Functional Costs. Journal on Developmental Disabilities, 11(2), 43-52.

Todman, M. (2003). Boredom and Psychotic Disorders: Cognitive and Motivational Issues.  Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes, 66(2), 146-167.

Doebrick, C. & Todman, M. (2003). Schematic Processing of Cigarette Smoking and Drinking Information: Separate or Shared.  Addictions Research and Theory, 11(5), 295-315.

Jimenez, J, Todman, M., Perez, M., & Landon-Jimenez, D. (1996). “The Behavioral Treatment of Auditory Hallucinatory Responding of  a Schizophrenic Patient”.Journal of  Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry,  27, 299-310

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Research Interests:
Cognitive and motivational processes in psychotic and substance related disorders; symptom unawareness and chronic boredom in psychopathology.

Research and Lab information:

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