Ginges, Jeremy

Ginges, Jeremy

Jeremy  Ginges
PhD 2004, Tel Aviv University
Associate Professor of Psychology

My research explores the psychological dimension of cultural and political conflicts. I study (a) how people manage to cooperate with members of different ethnic, national or religious groups and (b) why cooperation breaks down into violent conflict. A secondary research interest concerns the psycho-social consequences of exposure to political violence.
Recent Publications:

Malhotra, D. K. and Ginges, J., (2010). Preferring balanced vs. advantageous peace agreements: A study of Israeli attitudes towards a two state solution. Judgment and Decision Making, 5, 420-427.

Ginges, J., Hansen I., & Norenzayan, A. (2010). Religious belief, coalitional commitment and support for suicide attacks. Evolutionary Psychology, 8, 346-359.

Obeid, N., Chang, D., & Ginges, J. (2010). Beliefs of wife beating: A Lebanese case. Violence Against Women, 16, 691-712.

Dehghani, M., Iliev, R., Sachdeva, S., Atran, S., Ginges, J., & Medin, D.  (2009). Emerging sacred values: The Iranian nuclear program.Judgement and Decision Making, 4, 930-933.

Ginges, J. & Atran, S. (2009). What motivates participation in violent political action: selective incentives or parochial altruism? Annals of the New YorkAcademy of Sciences, 1167, 115-123.

Ginges, J. & Atran, S. (2009). Non-instrumental reasoning over sacred values: An Indonesian field experiment. In D.M. Bartels, C.W. Bauman, L.J. Skitka, & D.L. Medin (Eds,), Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Vol. 50:Moral Judgment and Decision Making. San Diego: Academic Press.

Ginges, J., Hansen, I.G. & Norenzayan, A. (2009). Religion and popular support for suicide attacks.Psychological Science, 20, 224-230.

Atran, S. & Ginges, J. ( 2009). How words could end a war. The New York Times, p. WK12

Ginges, J. & Atran, S. (2008). Humiliation and the inertia effect: Implications for understanding violence and compromise in intractable intergroup conflicts. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 8, 281-294.

Pintak, L. & Ginges, J. (May 25, 2008). Misreading the Arab Media . The New York Times

Ginges, J., Atran, A., Medin, D., & Shikaki, K. (2007). Sacred bounds on rational resolution of violent political conflict. Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesUSA, 104,7357-7360.

Ginges, J. (2005). Youth bulges, civic knowledge and political upheaval. Psychological Science,16, 659-661.

Office Location:
80 Fifth Ave., Room 706
Phone Number/Extension:
212 229 5727 x3012


Research Interests:
Sacred values and cultural conflict; psychology of political violence; religion and inter-group conflict; conflict resolution in cultural, political and ethnic disputes; consequences of long term exposure of children to political violence.

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