Miller, Joan

Miller, Joan

Joan G. Miller
Ph.D., Human Development, University of Chicago, 1982
Professor of Psychology and Director of Undergraduate Studies

How does culture influence basic psychological theory? The research in my lab centers on questions of cultural psychology. Our research focuses on understanding the cultural grounding of psychological theories and on exploring cultural influences on the development of self. We are involved in cultural research on family and friend relationships, social support and coping, motivation, social cognition, and morality.
Courses Taught:
Developmental Psychology
Cultural Psychology
Research Methods
Culture and the Development of Social Cognition
Fundamentals of Developmental Psychology
Recent Publications:
Miller, J.G., & Boyle, J. Patrick. (2013). Culture and Social Psychology. In T. Millon & M. Lerner (Eds.), Handbook of psychology: Vol. 5, Personality and Social Psychology(2/e, 507-528.) New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Miller, J., & Kinsbourne, M. (2012). Culture and neuroscience in developmental psychology: Contributions and challenges. Child Development Perspectives, 6, 35-41.

Miller, J.G., Das, R., & Chakravarthy, S. (2011). Culture and the role of choice in agency. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101, 1, 46-61.

Miller, J. G., Chakravarthy, S., & Das, R. (2008). The moral emotions of guilt and
satisfaction: A cross-cultural perspective
. European Journal of Developmental Science, 2, 3, 236-250.

Wellman, H. & Miller, J. (2008). Including deontic reasoning as fundamental to theory of mind. Human Development, 51, 105-135.

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Office Location:
Room 701, 80 Fifth Avenue
Office Hours:
By Appointment
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5727, ext. 3106

Fax Number:
212 989 0846


Research Interests:
• Cultural variation in communal and exchange norms in close relationships
• Cultural influences on stress and coping
• Emerging adulthood and adolescence in cross-cultural perspective
• Cultural influences on social attribution
• Culture and moral development

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