Yavari, Neguin


Neguin  Yavari
PhD 1992, Columbia University
Assistant Professor of History

History of political thought; Islamic history before 1300; narrative history; medieval historiography.

Neguin Yavari discusses teaching and learning at Lang in a project made possible with a grant from Bringing Theory to Practice. 
Recent Publications:

“Mirrors for Princes Reconsidered, A Study of Nizām al-Mulk’s Siyar al-mulūk,” Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean, 20: 1 (2008)

“Counsels of Advice and the Literature of Power,” to be submitted to publishers in September 2008

“Nizam al-Mulk Remembered: A Study in Historical Representation,” accepted for publication in a series on medieval Islam under the general editorship of Patricia Crone, Institute for Advanced Study (submitted June 2004, forthcoming Oneworld Press, 2008)

Views from the Edge: Essays in Honor of Richard W. Bulliet, ed. Neguin Yavari & Lawrence Potter (Columbia University Press for the Middle East Institute, Columbia University, 2004)


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