Plotke, David


David Plotke
PhD 1985, University of California, Berkeley
Professor of Political Science

U.S. politics: American political development: national political institutions, political and social movements; American political thought; citizenship, immigration, and ethnicity. Political theory: democratic theory; collective action.
Recent Publications:
Democratic Breakup: From the Civil Rights Act to the End of the Democratic Order (forthcoming); “Democratic Polities and Antidemocratic Politics,” Theoria (2006); “Democracy and Groups,” Social Research volume 70 number 2 (Summer 2003): 463-498; Democracy and Boundaries: Themes in Contemporary Politics (2002); “The Success and Anger of the Modern American Right: A New Introduction to The Radical Right” in a new edition of D. Bell (ed.), The Radical Right (2001); “Representation is Democracy,” Constellations (1997); Building a Democratic Political Order: Reshaping American Liberalism in the 1930s and 1940s (1996).
Office Location:
6 East 16th Street, Room 717
Office Hours:
Please call Nancy Shealy, Secretary at 229-5747 or email
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5747, ext. 3087


Research Interests:
I am preparing publications (books or monographs) on the following topics: Popular Conservatism and Political Disorder: American Politics in the Late Twentieth Century; Forms of Democracy and Forms of Representation; Martin Luther King, Jr. & American political thought; and Democratic Polities and Antidemocratic Politics.
CV (pdf):

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