Degree Requirements

  • The New School awards Bachelor of Arts degrees to Eugene Lang College students who successfully complete 120 credits of study as described below. The degrees offered are a Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts, and Bachelor of Arts in Culture and Media, in Philosophy, and in Psychology. Other Bachelor of Arts degrees may be available in the future. Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise aproved prorams may jeopardize the student’s eligibility for certain student aid awards.

    Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degrees

    • Students must take a minimum of 90 credits in liberal arts courses.
    • Liberal arts courses include most Lang seminars and lecture courses, university lecture courses, and most courses offered in University Liberal Studies, the New School for Social Research, and the New School for General Studies.
    • Students may apply a maximum of 30 credits in non-liberal arts courses toward the total of 120.
    • Non-liberal arts courses are defined as studio and practice-based courses such as dance, painting, photography, and music classes lacking a strong historical, theoretical, and/or critical component. All internships and most courses offered at Parsons The School for Design, The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, and Mannes The New School for Music are considered non-liberal arts.
    • Completion of Writing the Essay 1 and 2
    • All Lang students are required to take two semesters of academic writing. First year writing courses develop students’ ability to analyze different types of texts, construct meaningful arguments, and use different types of research in developing and presenting analyses, critiques, and other types of academic writing. Writing the Essay 1 and 2 must be completed in the first year.
    • Two University Lecture courses.
    • Undergraduates students who begin at The New School with freshman standing are required to take two University Lecture courses. It is recommended that these be completed in the sophomore year. These courses are designated in the course listings by the subject code ULEC.
    • Completion of requirements of the student’s chosen area of study
    • Consult the individual area of study (below) for requirements and the options within them. The chair of each makes the final determination as to which courses count toward fulfillment of the requirements. All areas of study require a culminating senior capstone.
    • Senior residency requirement: Students must spend their final two semesters in residence at the college.

    Transfer students must complete a minimum of 60 credits at The New School, and the 90-credit liberal arts requirement is pro-rated based on the number of semesters a transfer student spent at other institutions. All transfer students, regardless of class standing, must take three Lang seminars in their first semester at the college.

    Transfer students may use up to three courses taken at other institutions to fulfill the area of study requirements, if those courses are approved by the chair as meeting the requirements*

    Students admitted with 30 to 44 credits may be permitted to apply one course.
    Students with 45 to 60 credits may be permitted to apply up to three courses.

    *Transfer credits often do not count toward the requirements for areas of study. Transfer students with upper-level credits by transfer must have their courses evaluated by the chair of the area of study most closely corresponding to the intended transferred courses. Syllabi of transferred courses are generally required.

    Students  studying abroad may take up to three courses toward their area of study at the host institution, subject to preliminary review and final approval on their return by the chair.