Lang students can take Urban Studies (BA) as a major or a guided area of study (Liberal Arts majors). There is no minor in Urban Studies. Only specific courses satisfy the major requirements, including electives. Not all courses are offered every semester. Courses should be chosen carefully in consultation with an advisor. Students are encouraged to download the Program Requirement Worksheet (PDF) for Urban Studies to track their progress. They should bring the advising worksheet when meeting with their advisors. Students must receive grades of C or better in all courses taken to fulfill the major requirement.

Requirements for the Major in Urban Studies

Required Courses Credits
ULEC 2621 Dynamic Metropolis 3
UURB 2001 History of World Urbanism 2 3
UURB 3810 Urban Core Lab 3
Choose 1: 4
LURB 3010 Community Organizing  
UENV 3200 Mapping the Urban
PSDS Digital Modeling
PSDS Sensing
UURB Project-Based Course (1) 4
LURB Advanced Concepts Course (1) 4
LURB or UURB Comparative or Non-Western
Course (1) 3
Additional LURB/UURB 2000-Level Course (1) 4
Additional 3000-Level LURB/UURB Courses (3) 12
Additional 4000-Level Courses (2) 8
Senior Capstone (2 semesters) 4
Total Credits 56

More information regarding Senior Capstones can be found on the Advising page.

More information regarding courses running in fall 2013 can be found in the Urban Studies Course Catalog (PDF).