Effective as of fall 2009

Self-Designed Major (BA, Liberal Arts)

Students majoring in Liberal Arts design their own program and may pursue a guided area of study in religious studies. They may choose to focus on religious studies as a whole or to identify an area of interest, e.g. religion and social change, religious art, Buddhist studies, anthropological approaches to religion, women and religion, or mysticism and philosophy. Students interested in pursuing a guided area of study are encouraged to consult with their advisor and the director of the Religious Studies program before their junior year. 

All students must complete an academic major. Completion of any major requires a minimum of 13 courses. Students interested in an interdisciplinary program in Religious Studies, which leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, are encouraged to complete the sequence of courses below.

  • 1 Integrative Course, chosen from the following (not all courses offered every semester):
    • LREL 2778 Religion and Theater
    • LREL 2779 Science and Religion: Anomalies and Miracles
    • LREL 3059 Myth and Religion in Film
  • 1 Core Course: LREL 3004 Theorizing Religion
  • Six additional Religious Studies Courses of which four must be 3000 or higher
  • Four Courses outside Religious Studies chosen in consultation with the chair
  • One Senior Capstone, chosen from the two options listed below. See the specific guidelines for Religious Studies students (PDF). For more general information, see the Advising page about the senior capstone experience.
    • Individual Independent Project
    • Collaborative Independent Project

By the end of junior year, students are expected to have defined a special field of competence that draws from courses both in and outside the program. These must be chosen with the approval of the chair. Students must earn a grade of C or higher in all courses taken to meet the requirements for the Liberal Arts major. 

Minor in Religious Studies

Undergraduate students from any college in the university who are not majoring in Liberal Arts can select the minor in Religious Studies, which requires the completion of the following courses:

  • LREL 3004 Theorizing Religion
  • 1 LREL course focusing on Western religious traditions
  • 1 LREL course focusing on non-Western religious traditions
  • 2 courses in an area of special competence

Total credits: 18

Students must earn a grade of C or higher in all courses taken to meet these requirements.