Effective as of fall 2009.

The major in Philosophy leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Completion of the major requires a minimum of 13 courses. Students are encouraged to download the Program Requirement Worksheet for Philosophy to track their progress.

Students majoring in a different program may have the option of electing an academic minor in Philosophy. Students interested in completing the minor in either track should review the minor curriculum outlined below.

Students must receive grades of C or higher in all courses taken to meet the requirements for the major or minor in Philosophy.

Requirements for the Major in Philosophy

Two Core Courses
LPHI 2010 Philosophy 1: Ancient
LPHI 2020 Philosophy 2: Modern

Ten Additional Philosophy Courses
At least three of these must be numbered at the 3000 level or higher; no more than 4 may be cross-listed courses or other courses taken outside of the concentration with the approval of the chair.

One Senior Capstone, which could be a
Graduate lecture or seminar
Individual Independent Project
Collaborative Independent Project

Requirements for the Minor in Philosophy

Undergraduate students from any division of the university who are not majoring in Liberal Arts can elect to minor in Philosophy which requires completion of the following courses:
Two Core Courses

LPHI 2010 Philosophy 1: Ancient
LPHI 2020 Philosophy 2: Modern

Three Additional Philosophy Courses, two of which must be at the 3000 level or higher. Only one can be a cross-listed course or another course taken outside the concentration; this course must be approved by the chair.

Guided Area of Study

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts cannot elect an academic minor, but they can pursue a a guided area of study in Philosophy. Students interested in this option should consult with their advisor.

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