The interdisciplinary Arts curriculum at Eugene Lang College places the arts within a liberal arts framework, balancing academic study and research with creative experimentation and practice. It also advances The New School’s traditional commitment to critical inquiry and civic engagement, considering the arts as a powerful tool for promoting social awareness and progressive change.

Students can choose one of three Arts majors:

Students are encouraged to download the Program Requirement Worksheet for The Arts to track their progress.

Students must receive grades of C or higher in all courses taken to meet the requirements for the Contemporary Music, Theater, or The Arts major or minors.

Minoring in The Arts

Undergraduates from any division in the university who are not majoring in Liberal Arts can elect to minor in one of the following disciplines. Note that Arts majors can enroll in any minor of their choice, including an Arts minor different from the artistic discipline they are studying as their major.

Lang InterArts Curriculum

Central to the Arts program is the Lang Interarts (LINA) curriculum, a distinctive set of interdisciplinary courses shared by the four areas of study (Contemporary Music, Dance, Theater, and Visual Studies). The LINA curriculum features discussion-based seminars and practice-based courses that bridge disciplinary boundaries to explore artistic traditions and creative movements from broader historical and cultural perspectives.

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