The interdisciplinary Arts curriculum at Eugene Lang College encourages students to explore the arts within a liberal arts framework, balancing academic study and research with creative experimentation and practice.

Majoring in The Arts

Students can choose one of three majors in The Arts:

Students are encouraged to download the Program Requirement Worksheet for The Arts to track their progress.

In addition to the majors above, Lang students can propose a self-designed major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts) including any Arts courses from Contemporary Music, Dance, Theater, or Visual Studies. Students interested in this option should consult their advisor.
Students must receive grades of C or higher in all courses taken to meet the requirements for the Contemporary Music, Theater, or The Arts major or minors.

Minoring in The Arts

Undergraduates from any college in the university who are not majoring in Liberal Arts can select a minor from Lang's offerings, including those offered below.

Arts majors can enroll in any minor of their choice, including an Arts minor in a discipline different from the one they are studying as their major. Students pursuing a BA or BS in Liberal Arts can design their major to focus on the Arts, including any of the disciplines above. Students interested in this option should consult their advisor.

Lang Interarts Curriculum

Central to the Arts program is the Lang Interarts (LINA) curriculum, a distinctive set of interdisciplinary courses shared by the four areas of study (Contemporary Music, Dance, Theater, and Visual Studies). The LINA curriculum features discussion-based seminars and practice-based courses that bridge disciplinary boundaries in order to explore the arts from broader conceptual and creative perspectives.

Lang Arts majors in Contemporary Music, Dance, Theater, or Visual Studies are required to complete three LINA courses, while Arts in Context concentrators complete one LINA course as part of their interdisciplinary plan of study.

Current and recent Lang Interarts courses include Ideas and Practices Across the Arts, Arts Writing Workshop, Arts Digital Toolkit, Intermedia, Performance Process, Politics of Improvisation, and Creative Algorithms, as well as courses such as Arts in New York City that take students into the city for a variety of exhibits, events, and performances.