• This page outlines requirements for the Arts in Context concentration. This concentration places responsibility upon students to articulate their own academic interests and goals. Before declaring this concentration, interested students meet with the Arts in Context program director as well as the program director of the Arts discipline they would like to study.

    Path Statement

    When declaring the Arts in Context concentration, students must submit a path statement (found in the program worksheet for the Arts), along with their area of study declaration that explains what they hope to learn by pursuing this plan of study, what courses they have already taken that relate to this plan of study, and how it reflects their career goals.

    Requirements for the Arts in Context Concentration (BA, The Arts)

    The concentration in Arts in Context requires completion of the following 12 courses and the Senior Capstone:

    • Choose one:
          ULEC 2320 Aesthetics
          LINA 2001 Ideas Across the Arts
          or another approved aesthetics course
    • One additional LINA (Lang Interarts) course (one 4-credit or two 2-credit courses)
    • Five courses in one of the Arts disciplines (Contemporary Music, Dance, Theater, or Visual Studies), including one course with a historical focus. Students should follow the minor requirements for that Arts discipline or an alternate course plan approved by the program director for that area of study
    • Five courses in a Liberal Arts area of study
    • Senior Capstone—either one of the Arts senior seminars or an approved individual or collaborative independent project.

    Students must receive a grade of C or better in every course used to fulfill area of study requirements.