• The Center for Student Success can help you navigate your academic experience. At any time, contact us to discuss matters such as your academic program, requirements, internship and volunteer opportunities, careers, transfer credit evaluations, and schedule changes.

    Transfer students have less time to decide on an academic major at Lang. You should clarify the particular requirements for your program and determine what requirements have been satisfied through transfer courses and which ones remain. When deciding on a major, you should also take into consideration your academic passions, post-graduate plans, and personal interests. To explore all these connections, speak with an academic advisor, the chairs for your areas of interest, or faculty members teaching in those areas.

    Please note, requirements are somewhat based on the date of your declaration. If you earned fewer than 45 credits at the time of declaration, you should fulfill all the requirements in effect at that time. If you earned 45 credits or more, you are allowed to fulfill either the requirements in effect at the time of declaration or the requirements in effect at the time you matriculated at Lang. This only pertains to majors in which the curriculum has changed during the time of your enrollment; so for most students, this guideline is not relevant.

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