Office of the Dean

Academic Affairs

Stephanie Browner, Dean
212.229.5100 x2200

Michael McHugh, Executive Assistant to the Dean
212.229.5100 x2201

Riva Kadar, Associate Dean for Academic Planning
212.229.5100 x2236

Jane McNamara, Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives
212.229.5100 x2328

Judy Pryor-Ramirez, Director of the Office of Civic Engagement and Social Justice; Director of Undergraduate Studies, Ethnicity and Race
212.229.5100 x2227

Kendra Danowski, Program Coordinator for Civic Engagement and Social Justice
212.229.5100 x2976

Jennifer Riegle, Associate Director of Visibility and Public Event Coordination
212.229.5100 x2267

Eleni Beja, Assistant Director of Academic Communication
212.229.5100 x2204

Katherine Delgado, Joint Academic Coordinator, Eugene Lang College and The New School for Social Research
212.229.5100 x2226

James Mallinson, Program Manager for the Arts
212.229.5100 x2321

Faculty Affairs

Oz Frankel, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
212.229.5376 x4924

Laura Copland, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs
212.229.5100 x2228

Academic Support

Kimberly Lightbody, Program Coordinator, Journalism + Design
212.229.5100 x2274

Sam Morrison, Senior Secretary
212.229.5100 x1637

Karen Noyes, Senior Secretary
212.229.5100 x2202

Cypriano Stephenson, Senior Secretary
212.229.5100 x4927

Administration and Budget

Alex Draifinger, Senior Director of Administration and Budget
212.229.5100 x2253

Verna de LaMothe, Assistant Director of Administration
212.229.5100 x2254

Data and Reporting Analyst

Jesse Correll, Data and Reporting Analyst
212.229.5100 x2135


Karen Abigail Williams, Director of Admission

Katie Barton, Assistant Director of Admission—California

Ryan May, Assistant Director of AdmissionNew York
212.229.5100 x4024

Sarah LeWarn, Admission Counselor
212.229.5100 x1571

Kiera Bono, Admission Counselor
212.229.5150 x2301

Ben Reese, Admission Counselor
212.229.5100 x2302

Academic Advising and Student Support

Associate Dean of Student Affairs, BA/BFA Program Advisor, position to be filled
212.229.5100 x2282

Leah Weich, Director of Academic Advising and Student Support
212.229.5100 x2279

Angela Sanko, Associate Director of Academic Advising and Student Retention
212.229.5100 x2280

Dechen Albero, Academic Advisor and Study Abroad Coordinator
212.229.5100 x2260

Molly Rottman, Academic Advisor

Russell Taylor, Coordinator of Academic Advising and Student Support
212.229.5100 x2285

Candace Sumner-Robinson, Academic and Civic Engagement Advisor
212.229.5100 x2823

Jeff Feld, Senior Office Assistant for Internships
212.229.5100 x2262

Jenna Campolieta, Internship Seminar


Sunny Kim, Senior Director of Development
212.229.5662 x2106

Becca Grandstrand, Development Assistant
212.229.5662 x3194

Board of Governors

Steven Bloom
Ben Cushman
Wendy Gordon 
Jeffrey Gural, Chair
Dana Hokin '89
Jhanna Krentsel
Don Lebell
Rodney W. Nichols
Scott Pinkus
Bonnie Roche
Malcolm B. Smith

The New School Board of Trustees

The New School is governed by a Board of Trustees who provide advice and counsel to the leadership of the university and oversee institutional affairs. Board members also participate actively in the rich array of public programs offered by the university.