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Addendum Regarding Double Majors, Double Minors, and Double Concentrations at Lang

Students may be able to complete two majors or two minors as part of their course of study. Students completing a double major receive one degree with both majors noted on the transcript. The student must complete all the requirements for each major, except that the senior capstone may be either a joint project or the senior seminar from one of the degree programs. The second option requires the approval of both program advisors. No more than three courses may be applied toward both degrees. Please note: Students majoring in Liberal Arts may not elect a minor or a double major.

Likewise, students in a program that permits minors can complete two minors by fulfilling all the requirements for each minor program. Since minors require fewer courses in total, the general guideline is that no more than two courses may be applied toward both minors (or a major-minor combination).

Some majors require students to select a concentration, such as the Literature and Writing concentrations in the Literary Studies major. Students may complete two concentrations, where offered, provided they complete all the requirements for each concentration, with no more than two courses counted toward both concentrations.

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