Samson Hertz

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Samson Hertz, Interdisciplinary Science

1. Why did you choose Lang?
I felt that Lang offered the most freedom and was the most nurturing of creative and progressive expression.

2. What is unique about Lang?
The atmosphere is completely self-motivated, like you are living life, yet going to class.

3. How do you think Lang will prepare you for life after graduation or how has it prepared you already?
Lang offers many internships that develop your work ethic and help you understand the importance of experience.

4. How has Lang challenged you, your opinions, your idea of yourself?
Lang completely offered me a new perspective, another set of ideals and ideas that I had to break down, understand, and rebuild. It helped me expand the scope of my intellectual domain.

5. What has Lang offered you beyond the classroom? How has that enriched your education?
I work with fifth graders at P.S. 33 teaching creative dance. This not only taught me about education and teaching techniques, but also taught me what to look for in a teacher, and how to maximize the amount of information and reasoning that I can contain.

6. Is there a faculty member you’ve gotten to know well? How has Lang allowed you to get to know and work with your professors beyond simply seeing them in class?
David Morgan is the world’s best professor. My love and understanding of the world of interdisciplinary sciences is constantly reinforced, and the faculty is extremely accessible. Nowhere else is there a physics professor who cracks up entire classes during lectures on black holes.

Favorite books? Anthem, by Ayn Rand; Surely You’re Joking, Mister Feynman!, by Richard Feynman.

Favorite films? Big Lebowski, Pi, Amadeus, The Warriors.

Favorite TV shows? Dexter, Weeds, Family Guy.

Favorite music? Iron Maiden, Aphex Twin, Ticklah.

Favorite museum? Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Favorite café? Tea Lounge.

Super hero name? Mediocre Man!