What Can I Do with a Lang Degree?

At Lang, you take big risks for intellectual engagement and reap even bigger rewards.

It’s no surprise, then, that many students excel as scholars and academic professionals after graduation. For example, one is a human rights law professor at New York University; another is a sociologist at the University of California, Berkeley. They were well prepared for graduate school.

Still more alumni are finding their niches in media, politics, art, music, finance, and beyond. They often continue to live in New York City and work in creative fields. They include a well-known Hasidic rapper; a folk singer who runs her own record label; a jazz artist who performs around the world; a program director at a political action group in New York; a speechwriter for the Brooklyn borough president; a social worker with the New York City Department of Health; a public relations director for a leading marketing group in New York; a Brooklyn-based artist affiliated with the nonprofit media arts organization Women Make Movies; a playwright and production stage manager for a theater development company in New York; and, yes, an investment banker.

You leave here ready not just to enter any cultural organization, major industry, academic discipline, political field, or artistic institution, but to make an entrance that will count.