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What is an internship?

An internship is a fun and exciting way to get on-the-job training in the music field of your choice. Like a part-time job, you do substantive work directly for a supervisor in a professional setting, providing you with skills and insight into the music industry. Internships are a great way to identify and explore prospective employment that can supplement your career as a musician. While most internships are unpaid, the internships you do while here at The New School will help you to

  • Gain marketable skills
  • Build your résumé
  • Gather essential information about the inner workings of your chosen industry
  • Establish important contacts and relationships within music organizations
  • Enjoy a competitive edge when you enter the job market
  • Identify what type of industry and working environment you enjoy

Although most of you want to go on to a career in music performance, it is important to recognize that, to pay their bills, even the most amazing musicians have relied on “day gigs” at some point in their careers. Why not enjoy a day gig in the music industry?

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