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BFA Curriculum for Vocalists


This is a sample curriculum for an incoming freshman vocalist with no transfer credits who places at level 1A in all core curriculum areas. As with instrumentalists, there will be individual variation.

Freshman Year
1—Vocal Rhythm Section I (2 semesters)
1—Vocal Musicianship I & II (2 semesters)
1—Basic Arranging for Vocalists (1 semester)
2—Private Lessons (2 semesters)
2—Ear Training I (2 semesters)
2—Theory I (2 semesters)
2—Rhythmic Analysis (2 semesters)
1—Piano (2 semesters)
3—Jazz History (2 semesters)
3—Liberal Arts (2 semesters)
18 credits per semester

Sophomore Year
2—Vocal Rhythm Section II (2 semesters)
1—Vocal Improvisation I & II (2 semesters)
1—Sight-Singing I (2 semesters)
2—Private Lessons (2 semesters)
2—Ear Training II (2 semesters)
2—Theory II (2 semesters)
3—Cultural Foundations of Western Music (2 semesters)
3—Liberal Arts (2 semesters)
2—Electives (2 semesters)
18 credits per semester

Junior Year
2—Vocal Rhythm Section III (2 semesters), or Improvisation Ensemble (2 semesters)
1—Sight-Singing II (2 semesters)
2—Blues (1 semester), and Vocal Jazz (1 semester)
2—Private Lessons (2 semesters)
2/3—World Music History or 20th-Century Music History (1 semester)
3—Liberal Arts (2 semesters)
2—Music Business (2 semesters)
2-4—Electives (2 semesters)
16–18 credits per semester

Senior Year
2—Improvisation Ensemble (2 semesters)
2—Private Lessons (2 semesters)
2—Contemporary Jazz and Its Exponents (1 semester)
2—Fundamentals of Composition/Arranging (1 semester)
8-10—Electives (2 semesters)
16–18 credits per semester

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