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Listening Discovery

Listening Discovery: “What the heck was that?”Martin Mueller.  This is a course where the students enrolled present musical samples, duplicating the “listening party,” a gathering held purely for the love and discovery of music.  New music.  Old music.  Loud music.  Soft music.  At each class session, students will be required to bring in a burned copy of anything BUT some standard tune that everyone’s heard a million times by an artist that everyone knows.  It is about quality.  It is about range.  It is, perhaps more than anything else, about surprise.  You may very well bring “Blue Bossa,” but only if it is “Blue Bossa” as performed by a punk-jazz band from Norway who recorded it on a four-track at some obscure festival just before its singer died from an aneurysm bungee-jumping from her Harley.  In other words, you bring something interesting, unexpected.  It can be mainstream, but the song should be sonically fascinating, well recorded, somehow unique and not something you think others have heard.  Each class will consist of a series of blind listening rounds. After listening and commentary on each round, each student contributing samples will explain why they choose their selection, and be prepared to articulate what this music means in context to themselves, their artistry, and their study in The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.  Grading is pass/fail, and based on a strict attendance and participation formula as well as the submission of one short paper at end of semester.  Limited to 12 students, first come, first served.  1 credit

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