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Jazz and Contemporary Music

Introduction to Film Scoring

Whether 30-second television commercial, 20-minute documentary or full-length feature film, scoring to picture is becoming more and more valuable as both a creative outlet for musical expression and a source of income for the professional musician. This course presents a historical overview of music written for films and examines the work of such key composers as Bernard Hermann, Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith, Carl Stalling, and John Williams. Several scores are analyzed in great detail, cue by cue, to demonstrate how they are constructed and to give working insight. Technical aspects are explored, including the synchronization of sound to picture and the use of computers and MIDI in the realization of the music. In addition to feature films, documentaries, industrials, and commercials are explored. Some basic computer experience is recommended, but not required. This is a limited enrollment class. Prerequisite: second semester of Theory II or equivalent. 2 credits

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