The New School for
Jazz and Contemporary Music

Live Drum ’n’ Bass Ensemble

Drum ’n’ Bass is a British-born fusion of dub, techno, ambient, electronica, and hip-hop spun and manipulated by DJs at 160-plus beats per minute. Live Drum ’n’ Bass is a reinterpretation of DJ culture, crossbred with the interactive matrix commonly used by improvising musicians. Its structure is derived from real-time polyrhythmic layering of sound textures, polytonal-loop-based melodies, forms made on the fly, harmonic progressions, and a highly innovative drumming style. Fast tempos, unorthodox techniques, and a seasoned sense of form and rhythm are some of the more challenging elements required to effectively reinterpret or “reverse-engineer” programmed music of this kind. Students must be in or beyond a high-level Rhythmic Analysis class. Final enrollment is at the discretion of the instructor. 2 credits (Fall only)

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