The New School for
Jazz and Contemporary Music

Advanced Rhythmic Concepts Ensemble

This ensemble focuses on student performance of concepts from the Rhythmic Analysis level 2 and 3 classes in a practical playing context. We work on playing rhythmic superimpositions, metric modulations, odd meters, changing meters, and cross-rhythms, using original music by the instructor and ensemble members, as well as blues, standards, and originals by other jazz composers where appropriate. Improvisation in solos, accompaniment, and ensemble work are all used to further mastery. The instructor is flexible about the instrumental makeup of the ensemble, and we find ways to use multiple players on any instruments in our ensemble’s arrangements. This ensemble is an opportunity to go further in making the advanced concepts from Rhythm class a part of your playing. Prerequisite: two semesters of Rhythmic Analysis level 2 or 3, or permission of instructor. Final enrollment is at the discretion of the instructor. 2 credits (Spring only)

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