The New School for
Jazz and Contemporary Music


Required Courses

Core Curriculum
Instrumental Proficiency and Instruction
Jazz Improvisation Ensemble
Ear Training I & II
Theory/Harmony I & II
Piano Proficiency I
Rhythmic Analysis I & II
Theory and Performance I
Theory and Performance II
Instrumental Sight-Reading
Arranging Fundamentals
Hand Percussion for Drummers (drummers only)

Basic Arranging for Vocalists
Vocal Performance Section I (Fundamental)
Vocal Performance Section II (Intermediate)
Vocal Performance Section III (Advanced)
Vocal Musicianship I & II
Vocal Improvisation I & II
Sight-Singing I
Sight-Singing II
Songwriting for Vocalists
Story, Song, and Stage
Vocal Blues

Music History
History of Jazz I & II
Classical Music History
20th-Century Innovators—Debussy to Cage
Contemporary Jazz and Its Exponents
Introduction to World Music History

Music Business
Prospects of Recording
Eyes of the Entrepreneurs
Internship in the Music Industry
Music Pedagogy
Survey of the Music Business
Stage Presence

Elective Courses

Individual Composer and Bandleader Ensembles
Ornette Coleman Ensemble
Thelonious Monk Ensemble
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Ensemble
Wayne Shorter Ensemble
John Coltrane Ensemble
Charles Mingus Ensemble
Charlie Parker Ensemble
Electric Miles Ensemble
Herbie Hancock Ensemble
Sonny Rollins Ensemble
Sun Ra Arkestra

Stylistic Ensembles
Jazz Orchestra
Live Drum ’n’ Bass Ensemble
The Art of the Rhythm Section
The Blues
Futuristic Concepts of Music
Gospel Choir
Standards: The American Song Tradition
Standards: The Art of the Ballad
Super Trios Ensemble
Advanced Rhythmic Concepts Ensemble
M-BASE Ensemble
Rhythm and Blues Revue Ensemble
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Words and Music

World Music Ensembles
Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra
Brazilian Jazz Ensemble
Brazilian Percussion Workshop
Choral Musicianship
Cross Cultural Improvisation
Indian Ensemble
West African Heritage Ensemble

Linear Composition for Improvisers
Special Topics
Introduction to Film Scoring
Arranging/Orchestration I & II
Advanced Composition/Arranging I & II
Songwriting for Vocalists
Species Counterpoint
Composers’ Forum

Audio Engineering Internship
Introduction to Finale
MIDI Systems
Basics of Web Design and Programming

Theory and Analysis
The Music of Bill Evans
Advanced Ear Training
Advanced Reharmonization I
Advanced Reharmonization II
Bebop Harmony
HipHop: Skill, Style, Science
Listening Discovery
Score Reading and Analysis

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