Institute for Retired Professionals

Leaves of Absence and Alumni Membership

Leaves of Absence

Members in good standing who plan to attend the IRP for only one semester in a year must obtain a leave of absence. They must file the application (pdf) by the registration deadline for the semester during which they will be absent. There is a $15 fee. Students on leave will still receive regular IRP mailings and may participate in all social events. Leave is not granted for more than than two consecutive semesters.

Members may also take a leave of absence from the IRP for up to one year because of illness or for other personal reasons with written permission from the director. (See Alumni Membership below if you expect to be inactive for more than one year.)

Members who fail to register in any fall or spring semester and have not obtained a leave of absence will be dropped from the program and must reapply for admission in order to return.

Alumni Membership
Members who no longer wish to be active but would like to remain involved with the community can enroll as alumni by paying a $25 lifetime fee in lieu of the annual membership fee. Alumni receive IRP mailings and are invited to participate in social events. Alumni who wish to resume active membership must formally reapply.

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