• Registration

    When choosing study groups, indicate your choices in order of preference on the registration form. We require that you list at least one alternate for each study group requested.

    How to Register for New School Courses

    Your IRP membership entitles you to take one course at The New School for Public Engagement each semester at half the regular non-credit tuition. To register for a New School course, complete the non-credit registration form (found in the back of the New School catalog) and return the form to the IRP office. The New School registrar will mail your Statement/Schedule (course confirmation) once your registration has been processed, which takes about three weeks.

    Changing an IRP Study Group or New School Class

    Complete an "Add/Drop Form" for each IRP study group and New School course being added or dropped. The forms are available in room 511. Changes may be requested for any class before its third meeting.

    Class Preparation

    Photo ID Card

    Members of the IRP are entitled to a New School photo ID card, which is required at all times for admission to New School buildings. New members can obtain an ID authorization form and instructions in the IRP office. Continuing members must validate their cards every semester in the IRP office.


    Most texts are available at the Barnes and Noble store before classes begin. IRP texts are located at the rear of the store in the New School section on a set of shelves labeled "IRP." Certain texts (identified in the course description) are available for purchase only in the IRP office; payment for these materials - made out to The New School, with IRP in the memo field - should accompany the student's registration form.

    Texts for Visually Impaired People

    The IRP Changing Eye Committee maintains a list of resources available in large print or on tape from the Library of Congress and Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic will record any book with six weeks' notice; call Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic at 800.221.4792 and the Library of Congress at 800.424.8527 for applications or visit You will need a special cassette player for the tapes, which is available at no cost from the Library of Congress or the Andrew J. Heiskell Public Library at 212.206.5400.