• Director's Message

    Welcome to The New School's Institute for Retired Professionals (IRP), an international leader in elder education. Alongside an inspiring group of students ranging in age from 54 to 93, you'll develop and participate in challenging study groups on the topics that interest you. The only limit is your imagination.

    It's not surprising that the Institute for Retired Professionals is at home at The New School, a historic university committed to lifelong, nontraditional learning for adults.

    The program is based on the Peer Learning model, developed in 1962 by a group of 152 IRP members, to serve the needs of people formerly excluded from college campuses and to address the changing paradigm of aging and retirement. Over time, the IRP grew into the phenomenon known as the Lifelong Learning Movement. Today, more than 500 campus-based programs claim to follow the IRP model.

    IRP study groups are noncredit. There are no exams or grades. Nevertheless, all members of our learning community take their responsibilities seriously. Student participation is an essential element of our study groups, the chorus of voices that breathes life into a time-tested curriculum. Over 50 years later, the IRP remains a prime example of positive aging and a testament to the potential for intellectual growth and development at any age.

    We all have something to contribute and to learn. For information on joining the IRP, contact us at 212.229.5682 or by email at irp@newschool.edu.

    Yours truly,
    Michael Markowitz, Director