• Committees


    Develops and sustains the constituency of the IRP. The Admissions Committee interviews applicants and recommends to the director candidates for membership in the IRP.


    Oversees the development of intellectually stimulating study groups. The Curriculum Committee is dedicated to maintaining academic standards, developing a program of challenging offerings, and supporting study group coordinators as they create and implement diverse study groups rom varied disciplines.


    Enhances the effectiveness of the IRP by raising funds for projects, events, or other expenditures not covered by the operating budget; encourages all members to make an annual contribution, regardless of amount; increases the long-term stability of the IRP by creating oppurtunities for members to include the IRP in their estate plans; and funds an annual gift for a special program or project at The New School.


    Develops and implements informational and educational trips to promote social and collegial interactions among IRP members. The Travel Committee hosts at least four tours or trips per year, one each during winter and spring break, one after the school year ends, and one in early fall.