• Advisory Board

    Elected by members, the IRP Advisory Board is charged with promoting a diverse, dynamic, high-quality academic community for post-career peer learning at The New School. The board and the director work together to advance the IRP’s goals by

    • Setting standards meant to ensure a broad curriculum that attracts and intellectually challenges the membership
    • Fostering opportunities for academic and administrative participation, leadership, and social interaction
    • Eliciting and responding to members' views through regular communication with the membership and committees
    • Setting standards that promote the recruitment and selection of a qualified membership interested in serious peer learning
    • Serving as a model for successful peer learning for other institutions
    • Fundraising to support IRP activities and preparing, reviewing and approving budget revenue and expense forecasts for annual IRP funds

    May 2015–May 2016


    Chair: Dick Kossoff
    Vice Chair: Miriam Lawrence
    Secretary: Harold Berkowitz

    Members-at-Large (three-year term)

    Frank Ashen
    Jay Fleishman
    Peter Houts
    Dan Marcus
    Phyllis Taterka
    Eva Vogel

    Coordinator Representatives (three-year term)

    Jan Adler  
    Harold Berkowitz 
    Susan Forlenza 
    Robert Gerace 
    Miriam Lawrence
    Howard Menikoff 
    Bruce Smith

    Committee Representatives (one-year term)

    Barbara Marwell (Curriculum)
    Dick Kossoff (Development)
    Anita Highton (Admissions)