Information Technology

Ten Lab Rules

 10 Simple Lab Rules

  1. All users are required to show The New School photo ID upon request of staff.
  2. No open food or drink containers are permitted in the labs and technology classrooms. Eat or drink in nearby lounge areas or cafes. Use closed, reusable, spill-proof containers, and respectfully keep them away from computers and equipment.
  3. The Labs are not responsible for lost or stolen personal property including missing or damaged files, tapes or other media. Back-up your files and media. The Labs are not responsible for files stored locally at workstations. Workstations left unoccupied for an extended period will be considered abandoned and made available to other users. Personal belongings may be removed and turned in to security.
  4. Keep the noise level down. Use headphones for listening to audio. No cell phone use in the labs.
  5. Non-University software may not be installed on the computers.
  6. Users may not add paper to lab printers. Printing on custom paper stock should be done at an outside printing facility.
  7. Labs do not provide or sell removable storage disks and devices (CDs, DVDs, USB drives), video tapes or audio tapes. These supplies are the responsibility of the user.
  8. Moving cables or reconfiguring systems is not permitted.
  9. Guests are not permitted to use lab equipment.
  10. Children are not permitted in the labs.