Information Technology

Text Scanning (OCR)


Text scanning may be done using OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) using any of our flatbed scanners or the Automatic Document Feeder. This technology will allow you to convert hardcopy pages into text documents you can modify or edit using a lab text application such as Word for Microsoft Office. 

Available To

  • Degree or Credit-Seeking Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


Flatbed scanners which may be used for text scanning may be accessed during Lab Hours of operation.


  • Small Flatbed Scanners are located in each lab and are able to scan text.
  • Large Flatbed Scanners are located in select lab locations only and are able to scan text.
  • The ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is available only at 55 West 13th St. workstation i301-U01 and at 6 East 16th St. workstation D1131-11. 


Convert your document to text using one of the text scanning methods outlined below. If you have multiple pages of text to scan, use of the Automatic Document Feeder is recommended so that you do not have to manually scan each page individually. The Automatic Document Feeder also provides you with the capability of scanning double-sided pages.

Once your document has been scanner to text, you can use any word processing program like Microsoft Word after you have saved your scan. 

Getting Started

Q: How can I scan and edit text?
A: Use Adobe Acrobat Professional to scan text on both Windows and Mac.

Q: How do I scan text with Acrobat Professional?
Open Adobe Acrobat Pro listed under Multimedia Applications on PC and Mac
Go to File > Create > PDF from Scanner
Choose "type" of document: B&W, Grayscale, Color document, Color image, etc.
Make sure settings are correct:
Input: Make sure proper scanner is selected
Output: Make sure "New PDF Document" is selected
Document: Make sure "Make searchable (Run OCR)" is selected
Click Scan
Save your work to Work in Progress.

Q. Can I scan text with Microsoft Word?
A: Text scanning is not available in Microsoft Office Word 2010. Instead, you can use Acrobat Pro scan the document. See above.

Q: How do I scan text on double-sided pages with the Automatic Document Feeder?
A: Use station i301-Scan02, D1131-05 or D1131-11, which have an automatic document feeder.
Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro
Go to FILE " Create PDF " From scanner
Choose "type" of document: Black and White
Choose scan "type": Choose "Duplex" for double-sided scanning
Place the paper(s) to be scanned in the scanner
Click Scan
Save your work to Works in Progress

Q: Can I edit the text from my scan if it doesn't look right?
A: Yes, you can use any word processing program like Microsoft Word after you have saved your scan.


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