Information Technology

Large Format Scanner (Epson)


Large Format Scanners scan oversized images. This Large Format Scanner (Epson) handles large images or flat art up to 12.2x18 inches in size.

Available To

  • Degree or Credit-Seeking Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


Large Format Scanners are available during technology lab hours of operation.


Large Format Scanners are available at the following building and lab locations (station IDs are identified):

  • 6 E 16th St: lab workstations D707-01 through 03, D1131-01
  • 6 E 16th St: Innovation Center D6 Lab area
  • 25 E 13th St: Parsons East lab workstations E208A-14, E300A-01
  • Arnhold Hall 8th fl lab workstations i802-10,11,13,14,16,23,24,31,32,33,43 


Large Format Scanners may be used to scan oversized images that cannot fit on a small flatbed scanners.

Always save files in Work In Progress when scanning. You may copy all of your files to your personal storage device and/or media later. This workflow prevents file corruption, as saving the scan file directly to your storage device and/or media in most cases will not work and may cause your computer to crash.

Save your scanned image as a .tiff or .psd file if you are going to edit or retouch later in Photoshop. Save your file as a .jpeg if you wish to send an email attachment or for use on screen only. For more information on sending pictures in email see optimization. You may also save files as a .pict or .bmp format.

72dpi is standard for Web or monitor display. For prints, use 100-150 dpi or 300-600 dpi for high-quality color printing.

For multimedia or web art, you should use RBG color or similar. For color printing you should use CMYK color.

Getting Started

Q: How do I scan with the Epson over-sized scanner (Mac and Windows)?
    1. Place picture or document face-down on the scanner glass
    2. Click the Apple Icon on desktop (Mac) or click the Start Menu (Windows)
    3. Go to Utilities > Epson Scan
    4. In the Mode drop-down menu, select Professional Mode.
    5. Click Preview to verify your scan.
    6. Click Scan when you are ready.
    7. Save to Work In Progress.


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Additional Information

Degree/credit-seeking students can reserve Arnhold Hall large format scanners by going to the Services tab of MyNewSchool and selecting "Reserve Stations & Suites".