Information Technology

Computer Standards and Policy

Computer Acquisition Process and Policies

  1. All administrative offices, inclusive of administrative functions within academic areas will purchase computers based on the New School Standards. Academic areas can also purchase from these selections
  2. The approved manufacturers for desktops, all-in-ones and laptops are HP and Apple.
  3. The standard models and prices are listed on MyNewSource.
  4. All desktops will be purchased with a 5 year warranty and laptops with a 3 year warranty (extendable to 5 years)
  5. Budgeting: Each area will purchase the computers from their budget. The report that will be provided from Item 12 will give details for computer replacement budget-ask.
  6. All standard models will not require an IT approval. Purchasing will process them immediately.
    • Any variations from the standard including but not limited to other models, specs, manufacturer will require IT approval before Purchasing will place the order
    • Requests for exceptions to policy should be submitted to Purchasing and will need to include justification for the non-standard request. Purchasing will contact the IT department for the required approval.
  7. All computers (desktop and laptops) will have University software image installed. All enterprise licensed software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite etc. will be installed prior to the internal delivery of the system.
  8. All computers (desktops, all-in-ones and laptops) will be delivered to IT first. IT will tag the asset, deliver and install the computer.
    • All assets irrespective of final destination will be delivered to IT including asset that has to be delivered to any non-New School location. For non-New School locations, once IT tags the system, the asset will be sent using messenger service or UPS (per TNS contract/partnership). The cost for this will be borne by the department/ research funding etc.
  9. Support for TNS Standard computers: All standard computers and variations purchased from HP and Apple will be fully supported by the IT Central in all New School Locations. A loaner system will be provided if the system has to be taken for repairs. Standard computers in non-New School locations will be serviced by HP Warranty group.
  10. Support for Non-TNS standard computers: All other systems that does not fall under item 9 but purchased with IT approvals will be provided best effort support and IT will act as a liaison between the client and the vendor. For these types of assets in non-New School locations, the user has to manage all support by themselves.
  11. Refresh Cycle: The refresh cycle for any computer asset is 5 years.
  12. IT will provide departments a review of their assets every year a month before the budgets are due. The report will list all assets that have passed the 5 year mark and are eligible for refresh. However, care should be taken that if a system passes the 5 year mark and the user finds it sufficient for their day-to-day activities, it does not need to be refreshed.