Information Technology

The Banner Mantra: Save and Rollback

Attention Banner Users: 

With the start of another semester, we have again begun to receive an increase in the number of users reporting that Banner records cannot be updated. In some cases no error message is seen, in other cases people see an error message asking if they want to try the update again. Telling Banner to try again makes no difference.

The cause of the problem is that another Banner user has that person's record open at their workstation. Banner has a security measure that prevents two people from updating the same record at the same time.

The solution is therefore something that we should all adopt as a standard practice: Save and Roll back records.

When you have completed your work with a record in Banner, and particularly when you leave your desk, please save the records and rollback to ensure Banner records are updated immediately. Rollback using the icon shown here on the Banner toolbar:


In most cases people are very efficient at working on a person's record, making any updates and then exiting out of the record and moving onto the next task...but there are times when we get distracted and the record remains open and that open record prevents other users from working on that same person's record somewhere else.

Removing Holds is a perfect example of this 'problem'. Let's say that the user called pr_hold opens a student's record in order to remove the hold from the student's record. As they are doing so they get a call from their boss, or there is a fire drill, or the coffee cup spills all over them and so pr_hold steps away from their desk to take care of the situation telling the student that all is well, the hold is removed, and they can now go to the office that needed the hold removed.

The student moves on to the next office where the hold is still preventing the student from doing what they need to do. No other Banner user can 'fix' the student's record until the pr_hold user saves and rolls back their Banner form.

Although this example is about the Student module and holds, the practice of saving and rolling back holds true for all Banner modules and for all forms (i.e. financial aid data, advancement data, personnel data, etc) and not just for person data (i.e. course data, purchase orders, invoices, etc).

Please help out your fellow Banner users and the students, faculty and staff you are serving by always saving and rolling back every time you complete the task on a record.

If you have any questions or comments please write to