Information Technology

Tips for Printing in the Labs During Finals

During finals we experience our heaviest printing traffic of the term. Here are a few tips to help you avoid heavy print traffic and get your files printed on time.

Save your file as a NewschoolPDF file.

By saving your file as a PDF you can significantly reduce your file size to reduce processing times. For additional information about formatting your files, review our Best Practices

Avoid periods of heavy traffic.

Try to print during off-peak times. Waiting times at all campus printers are typically longer in the mornings and up to 30min before class sessions start. If you have lots of printing to do, take advantage of the lab overnights. Arnhold Hall Labs are now open 24 hours a day during finals. Print traffic decreases significantly during overnights and provides a great opportunity to output your prints.

Don't wait for the last minute.

Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to output and pickup your print jobs. Note that large format photo plotters may take up to three days to process. For more information on printing in the labs, please visit the Printing (Labs and Classrooms) section of our website.