Information Technology

New Compose Features in Google Mail

In an effort to improve the usability of Google Apps, Google has reconcieved the use of the "Compose" button in your New School Google Apps Mail inbox. The updated design will allow you to more easily review content associated with previous emails without having to save a draft of the email you are currently composing. With the updated version, when you compose new mail, that message will appear as overlaying your inbox, allowing you to navigate and search, without having to exit your draft in progress. For more information, review the Google's documentation detailing the new compose and reply experience or viewing the video below.


This change will be rolled out as part of Google's continuous improvement. For a period of time you will be able to opt-out of the new compose feature, however in early 2013, the opt-out option will be removed and you will be required to use the new compose feature.

If you would like to opt out temporarily, follow the below instructions:

  1. Click "Compose."
  2. At the bottom corner of the message pane, click the "More" menu icon next to the "Discard" button.
  3. Select "Switch back to old compose."