Information Technology

Back Up Your Data

Most computer equipment these days is pretty reliable. But what happens if your computer is lost or stolen? Or you drop your phone in a puddle? And, sometimes, stuff just breaks. Be ready for these events by backing up your data using one or more of the methods below.

  • Store important university information on department share drives. Faculty and staff should store important university information on their department share drives, rather than on their local hard drives. If your department doesn’t have a share drive, contact the IT Central to arrange for one. Share drives are not available to students.
  • Use Google Drive to store copies of files. Every New School student, as well as every faculty and staff member, has access to Google Drive, with up to 25GB of storage. This storage is perfect for saving class files and other non-sensitive information. However, as Google Drive is not encrypted, it should not be used to store confidential or personally-identifiable information. Google Drive is not approved to store New School Confidential information.
  • Regularly copy important files to a USB external hard drive or flash drive. Be sure, however, to protect the hard drive or flash drive by storing it in a secure location (such as a locked file cabinet or desk drawer). Don’t keep it in your laptop bag; if your laptop is lost or stolen, your backup will be too.
  • Regularly copy important files to an online storage service. Online storage services offer small amounts of free storage with additional storage available for purchase. Some of them also offer automatic synchronization of certain files, encryption, and other services. Some of the more popular services include:
  • Consider the use of an online backup service. Several services are available that will automatically back up your computer to an Internet (“cloud”) site for safekeeping. Some of the more popular ones include:

Note: The lists of online storage services and online backup services provided above are provided for your convenience only; The New School does not endorse or provide support for any of the products listed.

Use of Online Storage/Backup Services to Store New School Information

With the exception of New School Google Apps, faculty and staff members should not use online storage services (including personal Google Mail/Docs/Drive) to store New School sensitive information, especially personally-identifiable information or student education records. See General Controls for Handling Sensitive Information for more details on how New School information may (and may not) be stored.